Show programmes


Latino Show — it’s an atmosphere of the carnival which is completed with emotional, bright and colorful performance. This show will fit to any event. You will ask why? Energetic samba, hot latino rhythms, songs and dance moves, great feather costumes, charming smiles and original choreography. Fichers-2

There are 4 beautiful dancers and 2 professional singers — a boy and a girl in Latino Show. Each of two parts of Latino show lasts 20 minutes and includes several costume changes. You will hear a legendary american hits like «Let’s get loud», «La Vida Loca», «She bangs», «La Bamba».

The main part of the show is interactive — master class with audience. Guests will perform a dance together with our dancers on the stage and they will make a show together.

Many years of our experience of creating show programs will allow us to bring the atmosphere of the Brazilian carnival and Latin American rhythms to your event. Latino Show — a spectacular show that contains unique rhythms and fiery of Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, spirit of Miami and rhythms of ancient Hawaii.

This is an opportunity to get into the world of exotic Caribbean, bright colors, unbridled fun and great mood.


CABARET Stars — an exciting vocal-choreographic show clearly convey the atmosphere of the musicals «Chicago», «Moulin Rouge» and «Cabaret.» This stylized vocal performance of famous jazz compositions of 20-30’s: All That Jazz, Cabaret, Hello Dolly, Henky penky, Fever, Americano, brilliant French Can-can, passionate Tango, incredible Charleston and much more!IMG_0143e

Show program CABARET SHOW consists of two parts (20 minutes each), and each part include several costume changes in this show participate 4 dancers and 2 singers. Style, choreography and vocal performance are perfect for your party in the style of «Gatsby», «Mafia», «Moulin Rouge», «Chicago 30’s», etc. And if you wish, we offer a master class for your guests dance class of Can-Can.

Young, beautiful and very talented actors of our show will lead you to the magical world of music and dance, where you can feel like one of the participants of CABARET Stars.

Mafiozzi Club

Mafiozzi Club — a colorful Mafia style performance.Fichers-1

Atmosphere of the event that guests will never forget. Energetic dancing, appropriate musical accompaniment and, of course, the mystery of the four dancers and singers will is making this show unique and charming. Hats, pants, suspenders and more will make external surroundings of the program and make it more colorful.

Do you remember the main gang in New York? Colombo, Bonanno, Gambino, and, of course, Al Capone. These are the characters that we know from childhood and each of these characters shrouded in mystery and darkness and definitely makes you want to find out what was really going on.

Our artists will transfer guests to the atmosphere of that time and tell a story of a life on the streets via dance moves. Mafiozzi Club program consists of two parts of 20 minutes each, which includes several costume changes.


Show-program represents a riot of colors, emotions, passion and energetic Spanish music. Dancers will take your guests to fascinating journey thourgh the Spain and will light up the atmosphere with colorful rhytms of this country. Noone will be able to resist the music, eye-look, gestures, synchronicity, smile and vivid carnival of famouse Spain.DSC_0085e

Sparkling shows filled with famous spanish songs like Flamenko, Paso Doble, Tango performed by beautifully dressed dancers and singers will become a bright star of any event and all guests will appreciate them and remember for a long time. Singers along with dancers will light up the visitors of the event, so that they will want to join them and dance along and this is the point when pure happiness will fulfill the atmosphere of the celebration.

This show-program consists of two parts, each part is 20 minutes long. Dancers and singers will change their costumes few times during each part, so that each performance is highlighted from another and guests are surprised by the colorful, dynamic show.

Perfect mood of your guests is guaranteed by our dancers, singers and rhymes of music and celebration will become a storm of emotions and impressions by a sounds of burning temperament of fatal Carmen.


STILYAGI SHOW — thrilling show-program for those who know words of song “Boogie-Woogie”. Vivid dresses, sparkling costumes, polka dot dresses and eighties style haircuts, this is what you will experience with “Styliagi-show” it will transfer you back to the atmospehere of unforgettable eighties filled with rock’n’roll songs and dances.DSC_0109

Incendiary hits of past years, bright stilyagi costumes will bright nostalgic moments to the atmosphere of your celebration. Costumes which are made specially for this show will not leave anyone uninsterested, designers using the modern materials and vintage clothing have made a magical costumes which makes the artists on stage sparkle like a stars.

Guests will definitely learn “atomic” and “hamburg” dancing styles same time. Huge amount of impression, original dances and delightful emotions – this is “Styliagi Show”.

In this show-program there are 6 artists – 4 dancers and 2 singers. Programm consists two parts 20 minutes each. Dancers and singers will change their costumes few times during each part, so that each performance is highlighted from another and guests are surprised by the colorful, dynamic show.


Russian Soul — Russians are famous for the many various dance types. Many dancing styles were invented many centuries ago and this is what gives them a unique history and tradition. However all of them they are all connected with each other by some unique aspects, they show the breadth of the Russian soul, daring and courage of the Russian people, their cheerfulness and poetry.DSC_0041

Everyone knows that Russians love to celebrate with the scope and spirit, this is why we are proudly offer the show-program: RUSSIAN SOUL.

Gypsy camp, bright red colors, emotions and of course, the feast of song and dance. Russian songs that immediately will fill in into the soul of everyone, and which make human body to succumb to the familiar rhythms and sing and dance! The program is designed for those people who are able to celebrate from dusk till dawn!

“Dorogoy dlinnoyu”, “Ochi chernye”, “Na teplohode muzika igraet” and many other compositions are the heart of this show-program, every Russian person knows them and once these songs will be performed it will light up the each guest. Nobody will be able to resist charm of Fichers dancers and flavor of Russian songs.

In this show-program there are 6 artists – 4 dancers and 2 singers. Programm consists two parts 20 minutes each. Dancers and singers will change their costumes few times during each part, so that each performance is highlighted from another and guests are surprised by the colorful, dynamic show.


Show-program “Show of HAWAII” thourgh the rhytmes, singing and symbolism will make anyone to feel manifestation of the primordial wisdom that lives in each of us. They say that anyone who want to try to express their inner feelings via body languages will be able to dance hawaian dances. Each move of dancers who perform hawaian dances is filled with meaning.DSC_0143


Hawaii dance story is about how, but not burning sun, about warm rain and colorful rainbow which appear right after rain, about gentle waves of the ocean, about the green leaves and beautiful colors of the Hawaiian vegetation, about boundless love for all living, and for yourself, the most beautiful and wonderful!

Incendiary girls will charm all guests of the event and will fill everybody with charge of positive emotion and awesome mood. Bright colors of hawaii flowers, fluttering skirts, a hurricane of emotions and smiles will not leave anyone bored. Our dancers will fill the room with magnificent movements of the hips and sparkling dances!

Show-program consists two parts 15 minutes each. Dancers and singers will change their costumes few times during each part, so that each performance is highlighted from another and guests are surprised by the colorful, dyanmic show.

Also, specially for your guests dancers will invite each guest to participate in dancing game “Limbo”, where all participants are trying during dance to pass under the flower riband and our dancers will help to accomplish this task.



Alekss Silvērs and Liera Štein is vocal duo who writes and performs their own original songs. Their songs can be heard on Latvian radio stations and their music videos are constantly played on TV music channels. Alekss and Liera are professional singers with enormous experience on stage. They both have taked part in many vocal contests, achieved many gold awards and nominations on international music forums and contests.IMG_0622

Music duo produces songs which make people smile and dance, lyrics are easy to remember, and many choose to do so for a long time after they hear the track itself. Alekss Silvērs and Liera Štein are offering musical program for your event, corporate celebration, birthday and any other event. Music program consists of 3 parts, each is 40 minutes long.

First part is sensual and romantic.

Collection of greatest love songs performed in acoustic format in unusual arrangements. Famous hits like “I love you like a love song”, “Wrecking ball”, “Bad Romance”, “It’s my life” and many others will be performed in completely new way and your guests will be singing and dancing with our singer. Acoustic sound of these tracks will give them a fresh breath and soft voices of singers will complete picture with sensuality and charm.

Second part consist of world-class hits of international and russian language. Original arrangements, well recognized melodies and well known lyrics such as “In your eyes”, “Lady”, “Okean i tri reki”, “Solnce” and many others will make your guests dance and sing along with our singers. Sense of humor will entertain everybody and excellent ability to communicate with public will fill whole event with a friendly atmosphere.

IMG_0799 Third part is filled exclusively with dancing hits, which are well recognized by disco parties from eighties and nowadays. Songs like “Venus”, “Loves is gone”, “Mama ljuba” will make most shy guests join dance floor. No one will be able to resist the desire to break away, dance like crazy and forget about all the problems and worries. Alekss Silvērs and Liera Štein are able to fit in any event of high quality entertainment and music performance for your guests.